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AI Video Intelligence: Innovation for Publishers & Broadcasters
Dailymotion’s AI video intelligence revolutionizes the way publishers and broadcasters manage and monetize video content. By automating metadata tagging and enhancing content categorization, this technology streamlines content management workflows and prepares businesses for a cookieless future. With advanced features like contextual targeting, it optimizes ad placements, enhancing user privacy and ad effectiveness simultaneously.
Dailymotion and VDOJar Forge New Partnership to Enhance Global OTT Streaming
Discover the groundbreaking partnership between Dailymotion and VDOJar, where cutting-edge video technology meets diverse independent filmmaking. This collaboration aims to revolutionize the OTT industry, enhancing global audience’s viewing experiences with a rich selection of content, from independent films to documentaries. Dive into how Dailymotion’s video solutions and VDOJar’s innovative platform are setting new standards for content distribution and consumption.
Top 5 AI Video Highlights Generators for the Media & Entertainment
Uncover the power of AI in the media and entertainment industry with our guide to the top 5 AI video highlight clip generators, tailored for sports content and beyond.
The New IAB Video Specification Changes
Dive into the essential steps publishers with client-side setups need to take in response to the IAB’s latest video specification updates. Learn how to review, adjust, and align video ad placements with the new standards to maintain compliance and optimize ad revenue.
FAST Channels: All You Need To Know
Ever wondered what FAST channels are and how they’re revolutionizing free TV? Look no further! Our comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know about Free Ad-Supported Streaming TV (FAST) and how you can make the most of it.
Dailymotion Powers Up SERGE BLANCO’s Online Retail Experience with Advanced Video Solutions