Live streaming

Live streaming

Achieve unparalleled viewer engagement with low latency, advanced controls, and VOD content recording

Stream live video without interruption

Seamlessly broadcast content from their desktop or mobile device so your audience can enjoy live events with minimal lag, enabling real-time interaction and engagement.

Live streams into VOD

Easily convert your live streams into VOD content, expanding your reach and fostering audience engagement. Extract and publish short highlights as VOD content, maximizing your content’s potential.

Personalized playback

The Dailymotion player enables you to take full control of your live broadcasts. Our advanced technology allows users to pause their live stream (DVR), rewind, and seamlessly return to live playback, offering a personalized streaming experience.

Live stream analytics

Oversee your live stream events in real-time with our live dashboard. With access to audience data, engagement metrics, and other valuable analytics, you can fine-tune and optimize your live streaming strategy.

A backup secondary stream

Our video player solution enables the creation of both a primary live video stream and an identical secondary backup stream to guarantee a smooth viewing experience for your audiences.

Effortless integration with APIs

Easily integrate your live streams with our robust APIs. With support throughout the onboarding process and extensive documentation, you’ll be able to integrate all your content into any environment in no time.

A dedicated support team

Our dedicated support team is readily available to assist you with any issues that might appear during your live streaming event, ensuring that your stream is stable and your viewers have an exceptional experience.

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National World

This partnership with Dailymotion has allowed us to further enhance the digital offering to our 3M daily users, where we can drive our video distribution forward and utilise additional revenue streams.

Nigel Leigh

Chief Digital Officer


The video management has become so simple with the Studio and their support. Now we can spend more time on developing our content, rather than spending time struggling with technology.

Dana Blanco

Senior Manager Product & Digital Learning


Dailymotion helped us define exactly what we needed and gave a sense of security of having a player that works. I would strongly recommend Dailymotion as the best solution on the market for its flexibility and reactivity.

Lisa Nakam

Associate General Manager