Bring community together, from anywhere

Discover our all-in-one video solution designed to empower religious organizations with the tools they need to reach their audience more effectively.

Custom white-label player

Deliver the best ad-free or ads-supported watching experience to your audience with our fully customizable white-label player.

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Live streaming

Broadcast your worship services, events, and community gatherings in real-time with direct transition to VOD so your congregants can revisit these cherished moments whenever they desire.

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Hosting & delivery

No matter how vast your video library grows, our cutting-edge technology ensures that you can store, manage, and share your videos without any restrictions, allowing your message to reach the world without limitations.

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Seamless integration and support

Our team of experts provides dedicated support and guidance throughout every step of the integration process, ensuring that you can focus on your mission without technical hurdles.

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Discover how businesses grow with Dailymotion

National World

This partnership with Dailymotion has allowed us to further enhance the digital offering to our 3M daily users, where we can drive our video distribution forward and utilise additional revenue streams.

Nigel Leigh

Chief Digital Officer


The video management has become so simple with the Studio and their support. Now we can spend more time on developing our content, rather than spending time struggling with technology.

Dana Blanco

Senior Manager Product & Digital Learning


Dailymotion helped us define exactly what we needed and gave a sense of security of having a player that works. I would strongly recommend Dailymotion as the best solution on the market for its flexibility and reactivity.

Lisa Nakam

Associate General Manager