Migrate from Azure Media Services to Dailymotion

Migrate from Azure Media Services to Dailymotion 

With Microsoft’s Azure Media Services saying goodbye, many organizations are looking for a reliable replacement for their video needs. Here comes Dailymotion, a leading video solution provider with nearly 20 years of experience. We can’t wait to show you all the great things Dailymotion has to offer and how easy it is to switch from Azure.  

Why Dailymotion is the Perfect Replacement for Azure Media Services 

Superior Media Encoding 

Azure Media Services was known for its media encoding capabilities, perfect for delivering top-quality videos across various platforms. However, Dailymotion takes it a step further. Our advanced encoding technology optimizes your videos for every device, ensuring a smooth, buffer-free viewing experience. Plus, our background transcoding lets you focus on content creation while we handle the technicalities.  

Enhanced Live Streaming 

In the age of real-time audience engagement, live streaming has become a powerful tool. Azure Media Services supported HD and UHD live video streaming for events like conferences and webinars. Dailymotion enhances this experience, offering both public and private live streaming options and a seamless API integration for live events. With Dailymotion, creating captivating live broadcasts and customizing live events to suit your specific needs is a breeze. 

Optimized Adaptive Streaming 

Azure Media Services’ adaptive streaming feature dynamically adjusted video quality based on the viewer’s internet connection speed, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted viewing. Dailymotion’s adaptive HLS streaming technology mirrors and advances this feature by optimizing video quality to suit viewer’s connection speed and device capabilities, guaranteeing the best possible viewing experience without buffering or interruptions. 

Solid Content Protection 

Keeping multimedia content safe from unauthorized copying and usage is a top priority. Azure Media Services came with strong DRM features for content security. Dailymotion takes this seriously too, with guaranteed GDPR compliance and HLS encryption. This means your content is secure, viewer data is protected, and you’re always on the right side of data protection rules. 

Wait, there’s more… 

Dailymotion is more than just a selection of outstanding features. We’ve established a reputation for reliability and trust with over 3000 global clients. Our commitment is to provide customizable features and adaptable plans, as we prioritize client-centric solutions. Unlike Azure Media Services, which functioned largely as a self-service platform, Dailymotion takes a proactive approach. Our team is at your disposal around the clock, anywhere in the world. Thus, with Dailymotion, you receive more than a video player; you gain a robust video solution, supported by a dedicated team. 

And good news! Migrating your videos to our platform is straightforward and user-friendly. Our tailored onboarding services ensure that you’re fully prepared from the outset. So, now that we’re talking about it, shall we explore how simple it is to switch from Azure Media Services to Dailymotion? 

How to Migrate from Azure Media Services to Dailymotion 

Transitioning from Azure Media Services to Dailymotion? No worries, we’ve got your back. With our diverse options to upload and migrate your vast video content, you’ll find shifting to Dailymotion a breeze. Chat with our content manager to choose the best solution tailored to your specific needs. 


If you have a technical team, our comprehensive API allows for seamless management and distribution of your content. All necessary information can be found in our Developer Portal to help you create the ideal API workflows for your needs. If you need support, our API upload guide is available for reference or feel free to contact our Support team for further assistance. 


To make your transition from Azure to Dailymotion even smoother, we suggest our nifty feature: Dailymotion’s MRSS Importer. MRSS (Media RSS) is an enhanced version of the classic RSS format, using XML to aggregate data and media information. Its main purpose? To automate your content syndication, of course! Dailymotion’s MRSS Importer allows you to upload (and update) your videos onto our platform without lifting a finger, making them instantly viewable and searchable on Dailymotion.com. If the idea of automatic video uploads sounds appealing, we can set up an MRSS integration on your channel. To learn how to construct your MRSS feed and establish the integration with us, we’ve prepared a comprehensive MRSS guide for all the details about this powerful solution.  

XSLX (Excel files) 

If you prefer a non-technical approach, videos can also be uploaded through Excel files. To use this method: 

Contact us! 

Let’s begin your journey with Dailymotion, the ideal replacement for Azure Media Services! Contact us today, and we’ll assist you in making a smooth transition to Dailymotion. Are you prepared for an upgraded video experience? Get in touch now