Dailymotion and VDOJar Forge New Partnership to Enhance Global OTT Streaming

Discover the groundbreaking partnership between Dailymotion and VDOJar, where cutting-edge video technology meets diverse independent filmmaking. This collaboration aims to revolutionize the OTT industry, enhancing global audience's viewing experiences with a rich selection of content, from independent films to documentaries. Dive into how Dailymotion's video solutions and VDOJar's innovative platform are setting new standards for content distribution and consumption.

Dailymotion, a global leader in video solutions, is excited to announce its strategic partnership with VDOJar, an innovative platform that connects independent filmmakers with audiences worldwide. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in the OTT industry, combining Dailymotion’s legacy in video technology with VDOJar’s dedication to showcasing diverse and creative content. Together, they aim to enhance the viewing experience for audiences around the globe. 

VDOJar is at the forefront of the OTT landscape, revolutionizing how independent films are distributed and consumed. With a focus on quality, diversity, and innovation, VDOJar offers a wide array of premium content ranging from films and web series to music videos and documentaries. Its platform is designed to empower content creators, enabling them to monetize their work effectively while reaching a global audience. VDOJar’s commitment to excellence and its cutting-edge technology make it a perfect partner for Dailymotion. 

The partnership with Dailymotion promises numerous benefits for VDOJar, including access to Dailymotion’s long-standing dominance in the video sharing market. Dailymotion’s expertise offers cost-effective solutions for storage, bandwidth, and CDN services, crucial for delivering high-quality content efficiently. Furthermore, the robust support infrastructure provided by Dailymotion ensures that VDOJar can offer its users a seamless and enriched viewing experience. 

“We are thrilled to partner with Dailymotion and leverage their unparalleled expertise in video technologies,” said Suresh Talekar, Co-founder for VDOJar. “This partnership is a testament to our shared vision of providing audiences with access to unique and engaging content. With Dailymotion’s support, we are poised to take our platform to new heights.” 

Shikha Singh, Country Head of India at Dailymotion remarked, “Our collaboration with VDOJar is a key step towards enriching the global content landscape. We are excited to support VDOJar’s mission of showcasing exceptional films and series, and we look forward to the innovation and creativity this partnership will bring.”