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Top 10 Live Streaming Solution for Church

Live streaming brings the church community together, regardless of geographic boundaries, by providing a valuable digital extension. So, which platforms are best for virtual worship? We’ve got you covered with a summary of the best platforms that will elevate your worship experience to new heights. Let’s first learn about benefits of live streaming for churches then move to the next! 

Church interior during worship service with a prominent video camera on a tripod displaying a live feed on its screen, featuring the choir and pastor, amidst traditional church settings with stained glass windows.

Why Live Streaming is Important for Churches 

Connecting with Remote Congregations 

Live streaming serves as the bridge that connects remote congregations, eliminating geographical boundaries. It allows far-flung church members to participate in worship, fostering unity within the community. 

  • Live streaming can reach church members who have moved to other locations  
  • It effectively connects members who are unable to physically attend due to illness or disability  
  • Live streaming facilitates participation in church activities from any place at any time  
  • It enables real-time interaction between the church community and remote members  
  • It aids members in rural or isolated locations to stay connected with the church community  

Live streaming boosts unity by allowing real-time participation for isolated, rural or disabled church members, eliminating the barrier of distance. 

Reaching New Audiences 

Live streaming, a pivotal tool for churches in the digital age, opens up new horizons in reaching audiences far beyond geographical limitations. It leapfrogs physical constraints, offering a welcoming spiritual platform to those who might never have had the opportunity to connect with your church in person. Therefore, it can be a key catalyst for church expansion and audience outreach. 

  • Casting a wider geographic net for potential new church members  
  • Attracting seekers, explorers, and potential converts from different backgrounds and locales  
  • Offering spiritual support for those unable to physically attend church due to distance, health, or other constraints  
  • Providing a platform for out-of-town members to stay connected  
  • Capturing the interests of younger, more digitally-savvy generations.  

Increasing Engagement and Participation 

Live streaming amplifies active participation and transforms spectators into active church members. By leveraging this powerful tool, churches can transition from passive watching to an interactive, engaging church service experience. It’s a catalyst that sparks greater involvement and fosters a two-way communication, inculcating a sense of unity and belonging. 

  • Provides accessibility to live sermons and bible studies, encouraging viewers to stay connected and engaged.  
  • Allows real-time participation through live chats, comments, sharing prayer requests and more, building stronger congregation bonds.  
  • Makes room for virtual bible classes and group meetings, driving continuous participation and learning.  
  • Enables immediate online donations and offerings, making the process easier and cultivating a culture of giving.  
  • Presents opportunity to host special virtual events, like worship concerts or seminars, enhancing active engagement.  
Woman in a minimalistic study room watching a church service on a large laptop, with an open Bible on the desk, symbolizing remote worship and study.

Top 10 Live Streaming Platforms for Church 

Dailymotion Live 

Dailymotion has been a leading platform for live streaming in the video industry for two decades, trusted by over 3000 clients including Christian broadcaster EMCI TV. Churches can fully benefit from Dailymotion’s live streaming capabilities, from the customizable player to 24/7 support without any technical knowledges.  

Key features

  • High-quality, adaptive bitrate streaming for flawless streaming  
  • Customizable player for enhanced user experience  
  • Seamless integration with church websites for easy access  
  • Live streams into VOD expanding your reach and fostering audience engagement  
  • Personalized live allowing users to pause their live stream (DVR), rewind, and seamlessly return to live playback  
  • A backup secondary stream to guarantee a smooth viewing experience for your audiences  
  • Analytics and insights to gain valuable viewer statistics and insights  
  • Ad monetization for live streams with targeted ads  
  • Cross-device compatibility to access live streams on mobile devices for broader reach  
  • 24/7 premium support for Live to ensure there are no frictions or interruptions.  


  • No built-in chat for interactive experiences  
  • No built-in donation system for churches seeking online giving options. Still, you can integrate it easily through Dailymotion’s partner.



BoxCast is a trusted live streaming platform. With its easy-to-use interface and robust features, BoxCast enables organizations to effortlessly connect with their audience through high-quality, professional live streams.  

Key features 

  • Automated broadcasting to schedule broadcasts to automatically begin streaming.  
  • Multi-Platform streaming to stream to your website, Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Twitter, and more.  
  • HD streaming offering reliable live HD video streaming with BoxCast Flow protocol.  
  • Viewer engagement features like Viewer Chat for interaction during broadcasts.  
  • Content trimming to remove excess content from your live stream easily.  
  • High-quality video to support resolutions up to 1080p60.  
  • Advanced DVR player to deliver your live broadcast locally.  
  • Multi-site video player to enable remote campuses to watch your live streams.  


  • Premium features limited to higher-priced plans  
  • Requires separate integrations for advanced church-specific functionalities (e.g., donations, sermon archiving)  


  • BoxCast offers streaming plan starts from $109/month. 


Resi is a cutting-edge live streaming platform that offers a comprehensive solution for churches. With its advanced features and user-friendly interface, Resi enables seamless live streaming of church services, fostering community engagement and connection, both locally and globally. 

Key features

  • Reliable streaming with patented technology even when the internet is unstable.  
  • Powerful automations allowing for scheduling recurring events like church services to stream automatically.  
  • Multi-destination streaming to YouTube, Facebook, your website, and mobile or TV apps simultaneously.  
  • Adaptive quality automatically converting video stream into multiple bitrates for varying viewer internet speeds.  


  • Pricing may be higher for smaller churches with limited budgets  
  • Customization options for player interface and branding could be improved  
  • Limited advanced features compared to some other live streaming solutions  


  • Contact Resi to find out price. 

Vimeo Live Stream 

Vimeo is a renowned video platform that offers live streaming services for a wide range of industries, including churches. With its high-quality video delivery and customizable player, Vimeo provides a professional and engaging live streaming experience for churches to connect with their audience. 

Key Features

  • High definition technology for ad-free, HD streaming in 1080p for optimal viewing.  
  • Secure streaming options for password protection, embedding permissions, and Single Sign-On (SSO).  
  • Fail-safe, browser-based solution with backup streams and performance monitoring.  
  • Customization features allowing branding with your logo, colors, and custom graphics. Also offers studio tools for advanced streamers.  
  • Multistream options to simulcast to social platforms like YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitch, and supports RTMP streaming.  


  • Higher pricing compared to some other live streaming solutions  
  • Limited support for interactive features  


  • Vimeo Live Stream offers different pricing plans, starting from $75/month, based on the church’s specific requirements and streaming needs. 


Truth Casting is a reliable live streaming platform specifically tailored for churches and religious events. With its robust features and user-friendly interface, Truth Casting empowers churches to reach their audience and share their message through seamless and impactful live streams. 

Key features

  • Custom subscriptions to tailor your account with features you need, avoiding unnecessary costs.  
  • Simple and easy-to-use interface focused on sharing the Gospel.  
  • Content protection feature to stream to your own website to avoid censorship and easily reach your audience.  
  • Unlimited streaming & VOD to auto-record live streams and store all content in a personal library.  
  • Unlimited technical support from an expert team to assist in ministry growth.  


  • Limited advanced production features compared to some other live streaming solutions  
  • User interface could be more intuitive for smoother navigation  


  • Starting from $39.99/month 


Muvi is a comprehensive live streaming platform designed to cater to the diverse needs of various industries, including churches. With its customizable features and robust infrastructure, Muvi enables churches to deliver seamless and engaging live streams to their audience, fostering community engagement and growth. 

Key features

  • Quick setup for immediate live streaming without coding.  
  • DRM-enabled platform for secure live streaming.  
  • Mobile streaming for live streaming capabilities via mobile app.  
  • Two-way feature to allows two-way group video meetings with up to 600 participants.  
  • Real-time analytics feature to provide real-time viewer statistics and analytics.  


  • Higher pricing compared to some other live streaming solutions  
  • Advanced customization options may require technical expertise  
  • Limited options for integrating with external systems or plugins  


  • Muvi offers pay-as-you-go plan or Enterprise plan which starts from $799/month 


SermonCast is a trusted live streaming platform that specializes in providing a dedicated solution for churches and religious organizations. With its user-friendly interface and reliable streaming capabilities, SermonCast enables churches to broadcast their sermons and religious events to a global audience with ease and quality. 

Key features

  • Ad-free video that allows viewers to focus on the message without distractions.  
  • Smart HTML5 players to be compatible with iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.  
  • Integrated video player with sermon notes.  
  • HD video player for embedding on church websites and blogs.  
  • Easy uploads with turnkey video encoding and hosting.  
  • Powerful analytics to measure video distribution and audience growth.  


  • Limited advanced production features compared to some other live streaming solutions  
  • Advanced customization options for the player interface could be expanded  


  • All Plans include HD video and many features, starting at only $29/month for Video-on-Demand, and starting at $49/month for Live streaming 


Streamingchurch.TV is a reputable live streaming platform specifically designed for churches, offering a comprehensive solution for broadcasting religious services and events. With its user-friendly interface and reliable streaming capabilities, Streamingchurch.TV helps churches effectively connect with their congregation and share their message with a wider online community. 

Key features

  • Unlimited support & bandwidth  
  • Moderated chat feature to offer a fully-controlled chat environment for interactive services.  
  • Automated follow-up tools to reach out to online attendees post-service.  
  • Customizable viewer experience to allow customization beyond just logo and color choices.  
  • Additional free digital tools such as follow-up workflows, Alexa features, and more.  
  • Seamless social media integration with Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube integration for broader reach.  


  • Limited advanced production features compared to some other live streaming solutions  
  • Advanced customization options could be more extensive  
  • Setup may require technical expertise  


  • Streamingchurch.TV plan starts from $79/month with HD – stream up to 720p 

Christian World Media 

Christian World Media is a trusted platform that specializes in live streaming for churches and Christian organizations. With their expertise in delivering high-quality live video, Christian World Media helps churches expand their reach and engage with their audience in a meaningful way. 

Key features

  • Multi-platform streaming on CWM, Roku, your website, mobile app, and Apple Podcast.  
  • Unlimited viewers to allows unlimited viewers through re-streaming platforms and up to 500 concurrent viewers through the embedded player.  
  • Restreaming channels to stream to your own website plus four additional restreaming channels.  
  • Hosted pages for both your live stream and videos.  
  • Priority technical support and 1TB video storage.  
  • App development to proivde endpoints for the development of mobile apps, Roku channels, and Apple TV channels.  


  • Limited options for integration with external systems or plugins  
  • Limited advanced production features compared to some other live streaming solutions  
  • Advanced customization options could be more extensive  
  • Setup may require technical expertise  


  • Streaming plan starts from $89/month is a reliable web development platform that caters specifically to churches, offering customizable and user-friendly website solutions. With their expertise in creating church websites, helps churches establish a strong online presence and effectively communicate their message to the community. 

Key features

  • Custom design to offer beautiful, professional custom church website designs tailored to specific needs.  
  • Easy-to-use content management system that requires no HTML knowledge for updates.  
  • WYSIWYG page builder that allows easy editing with a What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get page editor.  
  • Custom forms to build forms for various church activities like event signups, baptisms, and surveys.  
  • Social network posting to automatically send announcements, sermons, and blogs to Facebook.  


  • Limited advanced features compared to some other live streaming solutions  
  • Basic analytics may lack extensive insights compared to more robust analytics platforms  


  • Custom Design Package: One-time cost of $3,000 (Limited Time Deal, originally $3,500). This includes full website design and setup, unlimited revisions, and more.  
  • Monthly CMS Fee: $49 per month if billed annually, or $59 month-to-month. This covers website hosting, unlimited support, and other features  
  • Live Church Video Streaming: Additional $30 per month if paid annually.  

So, we have reviewed 10 different live streaming solutions, and it’s clear that each platform offers unique features catering to various needs. However, for those new to live streaming technology, we highly recommend Dailymotion as a particularly user-friendly and supportive option. Its intuitive user experience, backed by exceptional 24/7 support, makes it an ideal choice for beginners. You can either try for free now or if you have any questions, contact our team today to get a customized quote and start your journey towards an enhanced digital worship experience.


What is the best live stream setup for churches? 

The best live stream setup for churches typically involves a high-definition camera, audio equipment, encoding device, and a reliable internet connection. Additionally, using a dedicated streaming platform that offers customizable features and interactive capabilities can enhance the viewer experience. 

What do I need for a church live stream? 

To set up a church live stream, you will typically need a camera or multiple cameras, audio equipment such as a microphone or mixer, an encoder to convert the audio and video into a streamable format, a stable internet connection, and a streaming platform or service to broadcast the live stream to your audience. 

How can I stream church services for free? 

There are several free options available for streaming church services. Platforms like YouTube Live and Facebook Live allow you to stream your church services for free to a wide audience. Simply create an account, set up your stream, and start broadcasting your services. 

How can I stream church service online? 

To stream a church service online, you will need to set up a camera or multiple cameras to capture the service, have a stable internet connection, and use a streaming platform or service to broadcast the service to viewers. This can be done through platforms like Dailymotion, YouTube Live, Facebook Live, or dedicated church-specific streaming services, which provide easy-to-use tools to set up and stream your church services online. 

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