How to choose a video hosting platform

Unlock the power of videos and watch your business soar to new heights! But hold on – before you hit that record button, you need to choose the right video hosting platforms. With an array of options competing for your attention, finding a suitable platform can feel like navigating a maze. Don’t worry! In this article, we’ll be your compass and guide you through the web of choices. Get ready to discover the secrets of choosing the right platform that can boost your creativity, engage your audience, and drive your business towards success, as we go through the basics of a video hosting platform and a step-by-step guide that can make your video journey a breeze! 

What is a video hosting platform? 

A video hosting platform is an online service that allows users to upload, store, and share videos on the Internet. It provides the necessary infrastructure and tools to manage, stream, and distribute videos effectively.  

Many video hosting platforms offer the following features and functionalities: 

Why are video hosting platforms important to businesses?  

Given the aforementioned features and functions, video hosting platforms are crucial for businesses to succeed in the digital landscape, as they help business owners with the following, amongst other added benefits: 

What factors should be considered when choosing a video hosting platform? 

Choosing a video hosting platform is not always about selecting one with all the functionalities or benefits as presented, but getting the most suitable platform for your business. To determine such suitability, business owners should consider the key factors below.  

Objectives and Priorities 

Different businesses have different objectives, such as increasing brand awareness, driving sales, or educating customers; and these objectives also change or are prioritized differently depending on the circumstances. By aligning SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound) goals with the features and capabilities of a video hosting platform, businesses can ensure that they acquire the right tools to achieve their desired outcomes in the most efficient manner.  

Cost and Value 

While a business can have as many objectives as possible, its resources are unfortunately limited. Therefore, business owners should always look for a platform that can offer the best value for money, maximize investment, and optimize revenue and return. To do so, they need to: 

Quality and Performance 

Viewers want to enjoy high-definition videos with seamless experience throughout, minimal buffering, and latency issues, irrespective of their device, location, or network conditions. To achieve this, businesses should consider aspects such as video encoding, adaptive bitrate streaming (ABR), content delivery network (CDN), and streaming protocol, among others.   

Scalability and Flexibility 

Video platforms should allow businesses to scale up and reach a larger and more diverse audience, but also to scale down depending on changing circumstances, without compromising video quality and performance. Therefore, businesses should attend to bandwidth, storage, transcoding, and multi-platform support, as well as whether these can be modified flexibly based on actual needs at the time. 

Security and Privacy 

Protecting videos from unauthorized access and piracy, as well as ensuring that your videos comply with relevant laws, is crucial. Look for platforms that offer robust measures like encryption, authentication, password protection, DRM, watermarking, piracy, and data protection policies, among other security aspects.  

Analytics and Insights 

Businesses should consider whether the platform provides detailed and up-to-date analytics and insights into video performance, audience demographics, and preferences, as well as other essential data points that can help optimize their strategy. In addition to those, data should be easily accessible and presented in a user-friendly and concise manner for ease of reference. 

Competition and Differentiation 

With heavy competition across industries, business owners want their products and services to stand out from the crowd, as well as their unique selling points and strengths highlighted. As a result, businesses should research platform options to assess their reputation (through customer and expert reviews) and look for unique elements that differentiate these platforms from competitors. Pay attention to important features that can benefit the company’s overall operation and branding, such as customizable video players or integration with other business tools.  

Support and Services 

The reality of any digital tool is that at some point, businesses may encounter issues or have queries. This is where dedicated and responsive customer support becomes invaluable. Businesses should ensure that the video platform they choose offers timely and effective assistance to troubleshoot any problems that might arise. Also, Businesses should consider the platform’s reputation in terms of service quality. Customer reviews and testimonials can provide insights into other users’ experiences with the platform’s support and services. These factors can greatly impact the ease of use and overall user experience, ultimately influencing the success of their video strategy. 


In a world where videos have become a powerful tool for businesses, it is safe to say that choosing video hosting platforms could make or break your success. By understanding the ins and outs of your own business and considering key factors of the hosting platforms, you can unlock the full potential of your videos and effortlessly reach business goals in no time.  

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