Dailymotion and IGIHE Ltd join hands to unleash high-quality content on a global scale

Dailymotion, the leading video solution provider, is thrilled to announce a new partnership with IGIHE Ltd., a multifaceted company with over 12 years of experience in delivering high-quality solutions. The collaboration will provide IGIHE with a range of benefits, including access to Dailymotion’s advanced technology, an extensive audience, monetization opportunities, and enhanced visibility. 

Through this partnership, IGIHE Ltd. will be able to leverage Dailymotion’s cutting-edge video player technology to expand its reach and share its high-quality content with a global audience, giving them a seamless and immersive video experience. As Dailymotion has 400 million monthly active users, this partnership can potentially increase IGIHE’s brand visibility and exposure on the platform, resulting in more followers and fans. In addition, the partnership offers IGIHE Ltd. access to various monetization options such as advertising and paid content distribution, providing an opportunity to generate revenue from its content. 

IGIHE Ltd. will also have access to Dailymotion’s detailed analytics and insights into content performance, allowing it to optimize its strategy and improve engagement with its audience. This partnership also provides IGIHE Ltd. with more customization and control over the presentation of its content, offering an even better user experience. 

“We are thrilled to welcome IGIHE Ltd. to the Dailymotion network and bring their valuable content to wider audiences,” said Patrick Thompson, Business Development Manager at Dailymotion. “Our platform offers a range of benefits for companies looking to expand their reach and grow their businesses with videos, and we look forward to working with IGIHE Ltd. to achieve their goals.” 

Sharon Mbabazi, Chief Business Development Officer of IGIHE Ltd., added, “Partnering with Dailymotion offers us a golden opportunity to significantly expand our reach by leveraging the platform’s advanced video-sharing technology, which allows us to share our high-quality content with a global audience. By joining forces with Dailymotion, we will be able to build on our mission to inform, educate, and entertain while tapping into new markets and driving growth for our media company.” 

Moreover, this partnership has the potential to open up doors for collaboration with other creators and brands on the platform, further expanding IGIHE Ltd.’s reach and influence.