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AI Video Intelligence: Innovation for Publishers & Broadcasters

We have developed AI video intelligence, offering a promising solution to the challenges publishers and broadcasters face. One of the most common challenges is the extensive time spent on metadata tagging and categorization. Another significant concern is the potential decrease in revenue in a cookieless future. We’re here to show how our AI video intelligence addresses both issues simultaneously. 

Introducing AI Video Intelligence 

Our AI video intelligence analyzes video content to extract meaningful insights, such as themes, sentiment, and relevant contextual markers. This process involves an in-depth examination of metadata, which includes basic information about the video like its creator, length, and description. Additionally, it scrutinizes every frame of the video for imagery, capturing details about the visual elements present, and employs advanced speech recognition technologies to convert audio into text for further analysis. 

This meticulous approach enables the tool to decrypt and interpret the content comprehensively, identifying themes, subjects, sentiments, and even specific objects or brands featured within the video. By doing so, it compiles a wealth of actionable data that surpasses simple keyword matching. This rich dataset fosters a nuanced understanding of the video content, allowing for categorization that is both precise and contextually rich. 

How to Benefit as Publishers & Broadcasters 

Editors side: A Leap Towards Efficiency 

Editors are constantly challenged with the monumental task of tagging and categorizing a vast array of video content. This process, crucial for ensuring content is discoverable and relevant, can be incredibly time-consuming and prone to inconsistency when done manually. Dailymotion’s AI video intelligence technology revolutionizes this aspect of content management. Tagging at scale through an AI/ML model, a video catalogue with relevant labels and brands, becomes much more manageable. 

Sales Side: A Cookieless Future Beckons 

As we navigate towards a cookieless future, the demand for innovative advertising solutions becomes paramount. AI video intelligence positions publishers and broadcasters at the edge of this transformation, providing tools that adapt to privacy norms while preserving advertising efficacy. Through contextual targeting, ads are intelligently placed on web pages based on content relevance rather than user data, ensuring ads meet the right audience based on content affinity.  

This strategy not only respects user privacy but also boosts ad effectiveness. Sales teams can now offer brand-level contextual targeting, enhancing ad inventory appeal and enabling direct control over ad placements. This precision in ad targeting is not just about maintaining relevance; it’s about optimizing revenue potential, ensuring regulatory compliance, and building stronger advertiser relationships. 

A Bright Future with AI Video Intelligence 

With AI video intelligence, publishers and broadcasters are well-prepared to tackle not only traditional challenges but also those arising in a cookieless world. By improving the tagging process for editors and laying a strong foundation for effective contextual advertising, this technology not only paves the way for future growth but also redefines digital advertising standards in the media industry. It’s about more than just adapting to change; it’s about leading the way toward a more efficient, privacy-aware, and profitable future in digital media. 

If you have any questions about how to innovate your digital transformation with AI video intelligence, contact us to schedule a free consultation today!