Dailymotion Powers Up SERGE BLANCO’s Online Retail Experience with Advanced Video Solutions

In an exciting new partnership, SERGE BLANCO, the French men’s fashion company, is teaming up with Dailymotion, the leading video solutions, to elevate its online shopping experience. This collaboration aims to leverage Dailymotion’s cutting-edge video technology to enhance product previews on SERGE BLANCO’s e-shop, providing customers with a superior visual representation of their extensive clothing and accessory line. 

Established 32 years ago in the southern French city of Toulouse, SERGE BLANCO has evolved from its rugby-inspired origins to a broad-reaching men’s fashion brand. Known for its expansive size range catering to all body types, the company has grown into a national retailer with over 40 stores and a presence in more than 600 sales outlets across France. The launch of its online shop significantly propelled the brand forward, making its diverse collection more accessible to a wider audience. 

The partnership with Dailymotion is set to address a critical challenge in online retail – providing high-quality, realistic product previews. Recognizing the limitations of static images, SERGE BLANCO sought a solution that could offer dynamic and engaging video content. Dailymotion emerged as the preferred partner, thanks to its user-friendly platform, exceptional bandwidth management, white-label player options, and commitment to hosting media exclusively within France or Europe. Moreover, Dailymotion’s dedicated customer service management ensures a seamless integration and continuous support, aligning perfectly with SERGE BLANCO’s ambition to offer an unparalleled online shopping experience. 

Through this partnership, SERGE BLANCO has been able to enrich the online consumer journey. The ability to showcase their clothing and accessories through high-quality videos not only enhances product visibility but also enables customers to better envision themselves wearing the brand’s offerings. This initiative is expected to drive engagement and increase conversion rates on their e-commerce platform. 

“We are thrilled to partner with Dailymotion and leverage their exceptional video solution capabilities to bring our products to life online,” said Nelson Brunon, CRM Manager from SERGE BLANCO. “This collaboration is a game-changer for our e-commerce strategy, allowing us to offer our customers a richer, more immersive shopping experience.” 

Echoing this sentiment, David Rozenwajg, Business Development Director from Dailymotion expressed excitement about the partnership, stating, “Working with SERGE BLANCO is an incredible opportunity to showcase the strength of our video solutions in enhancing the online retail experience. We are committed to supporting their growth and helping them succeed in the competitive e-commerce landscape.” 

As Dailymotion continues to innovate and push the boundaries of video technology, this collaboration marks just the beginning of Dailymotion’s journey into the e-commerce sector, promising exciting developments for online retailers and consumers alike.