Dailymotion Enhances In-Car Video Infotainment with NetRange Partnership

Dailymotion, a prominent global video-sharing and enterprise technology leader, is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with NetRange, an innovative provider of automotive platforms and Smart TV solutions. This collaboration is set to redefine the in-car video experience by integrating the Dailymotion app and video technology into the NetRange Twine4Car in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) platform, which includes an automotive-centric appstore with driver apps, games and audio and video entertainment content and services.

NetRange, an ACCESS CO LTD. company, is the ultimate content partner for the Smart TV industry, while Twine4Car, combines an IVI platform and a white-label in-car appstore, enabling automotive OEMs and leading car brands to offer flexible entertainment services, including video, audio, and games, on various car interfaces.

Through this strategic partnership, NetRange will seamlessly integrate Dailymotion’s extensive video content into its flawless in-car video viewing experiences.

“We are excited to partner with NetRange, the leader in the automotive platform industry,” said John Offreda, VP, OVP Partnerships in North America & LATAM at Dailymotion. “This collaboration strategically aligns with Dailymotion’s mission to transform the video delivery and viewing experience. We aim to redefine the in-car video infotainment experience, offering users a diverse and massive library of videos and experiences.”

“NetRange’s commitment to innovation aligns seamlessly with Dailymotion’s mission, making this partnership a natural progression towards revolutionizing the way users experience and interact with video content,” said Michi Uemetsu, CTO of ACCESS CO., LTD. “As the integration of Dailymotion’s tech and content into the NetRange Smart TV Store and Twine4Car platform unfolds, users can look forward to a transformative and engaging entertainment experience that goes beyond conventional limits.”

This partnership exemplifies Dailymotion’s commitment to delivering exceptional content-watching experiences anywhere, including in-car environments, and to providing the best value for its partners and global audiences.


About NetRange

NetRange, an ACCESS CO., LTD. (Tokyo Stock Exchange Prime Market, Index, 4813) company, is the global pioneer of white labelled, licensed App Store provider for Smart TVs, Set Top Boxes, Automotive platforms, and other connected devices such as smart projectors.

NetRange is the One-Stop-Center for Smart TV Brands/ODMs, Chipset vendors, and operators for accessing the licensed contents, covering content agreements, providing backend services and running DRM certification processes. The NetRange solution is integrated on more than 300 partners worldwide including Mediatek, Hisense VIDAA O.S., Arçelik, TCL MOKA, Skyworth Digital, Sharp, Loewe and Changhong. Its fully featured Smart TV Appstore includes local and global premium VoD stores, FAST channels, cloud games, live sports, the latest music, and lifestyle apps. 

In addition, NetRange also leverages its content relationships and broadcast technology expertise to provide the ACCESS TwineTM for Car(Twine4Car) Automotive platform solution, a connected car infotainment platform, and VISNOS, a client-based Smart TV OS that significantly reduces the hardware cost for TV manufacturers by enabling Smart TV features through devices with low-powered CPUs. Please visit www.netrange.com for more information.