Dailymotion and Simplestream Announce A Partnership to Revolutionize Video Management and Distribution

Dailymotion, a leading online video solution provider, is excited to announce its partnership with Simplestream, an award-winning provider of next-generation TV solutions. This collaboration marks a significant step in enhancing video content management and distribution, blending Dailymotion’s video technologies with Simplestream’s content distribution platform. The partnership is set to streamline the video content workflow, offering a seamless experience for content providers and distributors.  

Since its founding in 2010 in London, Simplestream has emerged as a leading provider of innovative TV solutions and OTT services in the broadcast, sports, and media industries. These services facilitate go-to-market strategies for FAST/AVOD and SVOD. The company’s product suite, including Media Manager, App Platform, and Channel Studio, has earned the trust of industry giants like A+E Networks, AMC Networks International, and Sony. These products are renowned for their efficiency in content management, distribution, and monetization. 

This partnership between Dailymotion and Simplestream simplifies video management and distribution for content providers. They can harness Dailymotion’s extensive video solutions, including hosting and encoding, and effortlessly establish virtual channels using Simplestream’s Channel Studio. This collaboration facilitates easy content management and broadens distribution capabilities from online platforms to TV. By utilizing the combined functionalities of Dailymotion and Simplestream, content providers can significantly cut down the time and cost involved in developing OTT platforms and TV channels. Additionally, this alliance enables them to generate extra revenue streams and enhance their video monetization tactics.  

Ashley Reynolds-Horne, Technical Director at Simplestream, comments on the partnership: “The successful integration between Dailymotion’s online video platform and Simplestream was made possible by clear documentation and ease of access for the Dailymotion’s APIs. The work undertaken together aims to enable existing Dailymotion customers to retain their existing backlog of video assets and enhance it through Simplestream’s set of solutions. Most importantly, the partnership provide invaluable benefits to the customer, for the integration reduces the natural ‘time to screen’, shaves CDN and storage costs that might otherwise arise from duplication processes, and opens to additional monetisation streams”. 

“Empowering content providers with cutting-edge technology and innovation is a core mission at Dailymotion. Collaborating with Simplestream marks a significant milestone, offering content providers the flexibility to craft their video content strategies across various devices and from online platforms to TV channels seamlessly. We’re thrilled to provide content providers with this unique combination of ease in management and monetization,” stated Remi Leclancher, Vice President of EMEA Content at Dailymotion. 

The partnership underscores Dailymotion’s commitment to innovation and its vision for the future of video content management and distribution. By collaborating with Simplestream, Dailymotion not only enhances its service offerings but also reaffirms its role as a leader in the digital video space, poised to meet the evolving needs of content providers and distributors in an increasingly digital world.