Advertising Optimization

Revenue optimization often gets too complicated without knowledgeable experts. Work with the best ad-tech companies who understand your business better than anyone and take your revenues to the next level.


Vidgyor, an emerging Indian online video advertising company, utilizes cutting-edge technology to automatically detect TV ad breaks and seamlessly replace them with targeted video ads in real-time. This innovative approach maximizes ad profits during livestreaming.


GENIEE is a global ad tech company maximizing customer revenues through cutting-edge technology. They help companies increase profits and improve productivity, working together with clients to create new value and build success.


Impactify, a premium video advertising tech platform, maximizes Publishers’ revenues globally. Their solutions boost incremental revenue, deliver excellent KPIs for advertisers, and offer the best user experience.


Interworks is an integrated advertising platform that connects Publishers and clients. With the advanced technology to identify valuable inventory and target the right audience, Interworks brings maximized value to both Publishers and clients.

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