The advantages of the Dailymotion Video Player

For nearly 20 years, Dailymotion’s core business has been centered around the video Player. Our revolutionary solution not only relieves businesses of technical burdens but also pioneers cutting-edge technology to meet the ever-evolving needs of our customers.

The Dailymotion Video Player is a revolutionary tool for online video streaming, offering a wide range of features and unmatched adaptability. By using the Dailymotion Player, you can have access to everything you need.

Customize to fit your business

100% customizable white-label video Player
The Dailymotion Video Player boasts a white-label solution, empowering businesses to customize its appearance and functionality fully in line with their branding. This includes incorporating logos, tailoring colors, and controlling the Player’s behavior, such as automatic playback, geolocation, access rights, and more. The white-label solution ensures a seamless blend with your brand identity, bolstering your online presence.
Engaging features to drive retention
The Dailymotion Video Player offers a range of engagement-enhancing features like playlists, recommended content, and customizable playback behavior designed to captivate your viewers. By offering personalized content suggestions and playback experiences, the Dailymotion Video Player encourages viewers to remain on your platform, interact with more content, and ultimately boost audience retention.
Flexible monetization options
Choose between an ad-free and ad-enabled video Player to tailor your viewer’s experience based on your business objectives. The ad-enabled version allows for cost-saving measures, while the ad-free Player ensures a seamless, uninterrupted viewing experience. This adaptability enables you to deliver top-notch content and cultivate a dedicated audience while striking the perfect balance between revenue generation and user satisfaction.

Arm up with cutting-edge Player technology

Top-notch HTML5 and 4K quality
The Dailymotion Video Player supports HTML5 and 4K video formats, guaranteeing top-quality playback across all devices. By offering sharp, vivid visuals, the Player enhances the overall viewing experience and ensures your content is always showcased in the best possible quality.
Seamless live streaming
Dailymotion provides both public and private live streaming options, along with seamless integration of live events via API. This feature allows you to create interactive and captivating live broadcasts for your audience while managing and customizing your live streams to suit your unique needs effortlessly.
Robust privacy & security
With GDPR compliance and HLS encryption, Dailymotion guarantees content privacy and security, providing businesses with peace of mind. Your content is safeguarded from unauthorized access, and your viewer’s data remains secure, helping you maintain trust with your audience while adhering to strict data protection regulations.
Effortless API & SDKs integration
The Dailymotion Video Player can be seamlessly integrated into websites and apps using their robust APIs and SDKs. This feature simplifies the process of embedding videos and customizing the Player to your specific requirements, ensuring flawless integration with your existing systems.

Scale your video library and enhance delivery

Dedicated storage allocation
Dailymotion supports dedicated storage allocation for all your video files, enabling you to efficiently manage and scale your content library. As your content library expands, you can rely on Dailymotion to handle the increased storage requirements without compromising performance or accessibility.
Smart encoding and fast delivery
Through intelligent encoding and swift video delivery, Dailymotion ensures seamless streaming across all devices. By optimizing video formats for each device, your content is delivered promptly and efficiently, offering a smooth and enjoyable viewing experience for your audience.
Cross-device compatibility
The Dailymotion Video Player is compatible with any platform, including desktops, tablets, smartphones, and connected TVs, guaranteeing accessibility for all viewers. This cross-platform compatibility ensures that your content is always available and easily accessible, regardless of the device or platform utilized by your target audience.
Adaptive HLS technology
Dailymotion’s adaptive HLS streaming technology provides a flawless viewing experience by automatically adjusting the video quality based on the viewer’s internet connection speed. This feature ensures that your content is always delivered in the best possible quality, regardless of the viewer’s device or connection speed.

Streamline video management

Intuitive dashboard
Dailymotion Studio simplifies the video management process, allowing you to effortlessly upload, share, customize, and analyze your content in one centralized location. This feature makes managing your video library a breeze and helps you stay on top of your content and its performance.
Exceptional customer service and support
Dailymotion offers professional services and tailored support to ensure a smooth video integration and management process. Our team of engineers, video consultants, solution architects, designers, and project managers are readily available to assist you, ensuring that you deliver an unparalleled viewing experience to your audience.

Make data-driven decisions with actionable insights

Real-time insights
Dailymotion provides real-time data on your video performance, allowing you to track crucial KPIs and understand your audience’s preferences. This invaluable insight helps you make data-driven decisions and refine your video strategy for maximum impact.
Customizable reports
With the capability to filter, segment, and create custom reports, you can easily analyze and present your data in a way that suits your unique needs. Dailymotion’s advanced analytics tools offer an in-depth view of your video performance, enabling you to make informed decisions and optimize your content strategy.
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