Content Management

Content management has always been one of the key challenges for Publishers. Combined with the world’s pinnacle of CMS technologies, it has never been easier.


US-based Quintype serves over 200 Publishers worldwide. They offer powerful and user-friendly digital publishing solutions, including Bold, Ahead, Accesstype, and Metype. Bold CMS, a SaaS solution, simplifies content creation.

WordPress VIP

WordPress VIP, a leading content management platform, offers unparalleled scale, security, and flexibility with end-to-end guidance and support. Dailymotion, as a prestigious Technology Partner, provides its leading video Player solution and monetization platform to boost VIP clients’ video content strategy.


Simplestream has established itself at the forefront of the broadcast, sports, and media sectors, providing cutting-edge TV solutions and over-the-top (OTT) services. They specialize in enabling FAST/AVOD and SVOD strategies, offering a trusted product suite that includes Media Manager, App Platform, and Channel Studio.

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