With the ever-increasing importance of data-driven decision-making, strong analytics tools can help your business optimize content strategy, enhance customer experiences, and drive growth. At Dailymotion, we’re deeply committed to your success, which is why we proudly collaborate with the best-in-class analytics partners to empower your business with comprehensive, real-time data-driven insights.


Marfeel provides a 360-degree view of publishers’ businesses and impacts key metrics such as traffic, engagement, subscriptions, SEO, commerce, and monetization. With its real-time, no-code solutions, Marfeel helps publishers unlock the full potential of their content and audiences.


Chartbeat delivers real-time analytics, content intelligence, and transformative newsroom tools for digital media and publishing companies around the world. Serving over 60,000 media brands across 60+ countries, Chartbeat is the go-to solution for improving audience engagement, informing editorial decisions, and increasing readership.

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