How Dailymotion refined PSA SquashTV’s Video Streaming Strategy

SquashTV’s Quest for Quality in Ad-Free and HD Broadcasts

PSA SquashTV, a leading broadcaster of professional squash, previously employed a combination of Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure and Dailymotion video player   for both their Subscription Video on Demand (SVOD) livestreaming and Video on Demand (VOD) services. This setup provided a robust platform for delivering their content, but it came with several challenges that impacted their service quality and operational efficiency. 

Dailymotion Pro Solutions for PSA SquashTV

To tackle the challenges faced by PSA SquashTV, Dailymotion introduced a comprehensive set of solutions through its Dailymotion Pro service: 

  1. Unified Service Integration: Dailymotion recommended PSA SquashTV to consolidate their hosting and video streaming under one roof to eliminate the complexity of managing multiple partners.  
  1. Cost-effective Video Hosting: Dailymotion Pro provided a more economically viable option for video hosting and storage than AWS, reducing the financial burden on PSA SquashTV while maintaining high service quality. 
  1. Direct Support Excellence: Dailymotion Pro offered superior customer support eliminating the need for third-party consultancy.  
  1. Premium Ad-Free Experience: Dailymotion Pro allowed PSA SquashTV to offer an ad-free streaming service to their subscribers, reinforcing their commitment to a premium viewer experience without interruptions. 
  1. High-Performance Streaming: Dailymotion Pro was specifically tailored to support and sustain high-definition streaming at 1080p 60fps 

These solutions from Dailymotion Pro not only addressed the operational and technical challenges of PSA SquashTV but also enhanced their ability to deliver high-quality, uninterrupted video content to their audience. 

The result: Achieving Superior Operational Efficiency and Deeper Viewer Engagement at PSA SquashTV

Enhanced Operational Efficiency 

The shift to Dailymotion Pro dramatically streamlined PSA SquashTV’s operations. With real-time support directly from Dailymotion, issues were resolved swiftly, ensuring reliable service during crucial live broadcasts.  By consolidating their service under Dailymotion Pro, PSA SquashTV eliminated the need for third-party consultancy, simplifying their video management process and reducing operational complexities. 

Improved Engagement 

The customization options provided by Dailymotion Pro played a crucial role in enhancing viewer engagement. The introduction of Picture-in-Picture (PiP) and autoplay features allowed viewers to engage with content in a more flexible and uninterrupted manner, promoting multitasking without missing any live action. By removing advertisements from their SVOD service and delivering HD streaming at 1080p 60fps, PSA SquashTV upheld the premium viewing experience their subscribers expected, ensuring an uninterrupted flow of content. Additionally, the ability to customize the player with PSA SquashTV’s own branding not only enhanced brand presence but also deepened viewer trust, encouraging them to spend more time on the site. 

Together, these operational improvements and engagement strategies ensured that PSA SquashTV delivered a high-quality, interactive, and distinctly premium service, greatly increasing viewer satisfaction and loyalty. This strategic overhaul not only met the immediate needs of their audience but also strengthened PSA SquashTV’s position as a leading broadcaster in the world of professional squash. 

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