How National World Maximized Video Revenue and User Engagement

The Challenge: Reducing Costs and Enhancing Monetization in Video Distribution

National World, a prominent UK multimedia company operating over 150 newspapers and websites, faced significant challenges with their previous video solution provider, Brightcove. High costs and limited support hindered their ability to effectively monetize their extensive network of publications. They sought a video solution that could evolve with their digital strategy, minimize player costs, and maximize revenue generation across all properties.

We’re delighted to have chosen to work with Dailymotion. This partnership has allowed us to further enhance the digital offering to our 3 million daily users, where we can drive our video distribution forward and utilize additional revenue streams.

Neigel Leigh, Chief Digital Officer at JPI Media.

The Solution: Transition to Dailymotion Pro for Enhanced Support and Monetization

Dailymotion Pro offered National World a robust video solution that aligned with their strategic goals. The transition involved migrating 100,000 videos directly from Brightcove without requiring additional resources. Dailymotion Pro facilitated every step of integration with National World’s content management system, ensuring a seamless process.

Key features implemented included:




Videos Migrated from Brightcove

The Result: Cost Savings, Improved Revenue Streams, and Enhanced Video Performance

The switch to Dailymotion Pro has enabled National World to significantly reduce operational costs associated with video distribution, allowing them to focus more on expanding their digital offerings.

Furthermore, the customization and integration of Dailymotion’s player across all National World’s sites have led to a notable increase in viewer engagement and completion rates. Features like Scroll-to-Play and Picture-in-Picture mode have improved viewability, ensuring that videos are not only watched but completed.

Additionally, the strategic placement of commercials has allowed National World to optimize their revenue. By leveraging Dailymotion’s demands network, National World has experienced a boost in monetization efficiency, tapping into new and enhanced revenue streams.

This successful partnership highlights Dailymotion Pro’s capability to provide not just a video solution, but a strategic tool that aligns with and supports the business goals of large multimedia companies like National World, driving both cost efficiency and revenue generation.

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