How Havas streamed 216K minutes of video content without any security issues


Videos Uploaded across channels by January 19, 2023


Minutes Viewed in 2022

The challenge: a need to share internal video communications in a secure environment

Havas Group is one of the biggest global communications groups, with more than 19,000 employees in over 100 countries. To streamline internal communications in such a large organization, video became necessary in their employee onboarding and training, notably via Havas University. They needed a robust solution that could easily fit their specific needs and seamlessly deliver video content to their employees on a worldwide level.

The biggest challenge that they faced was the need to distribute videos securely, restrict audience access, and protect potentially confidential internal information. With their previous video solution, they couldn’t restrict video access based on the audience domain, which became a key pain point for them.

Havas also needed a solution to easily manage the roles and permissions of different stakeholders across the organization, all from a single place, to ensure secure video distribution and easy management.

The solution: Dailymotion’s security features and user-friendly Studio

As Havas was looking for a new video solution that could be easily managed by multiple stakeholders and ensure that their content stays secured, they came across the Dailymotion Player solution, giving them full control to customize the Player and fit their video strategy.

With Dailymotion, Havas was able to manage video access restrictions based on domains and ensure that each video reached only its intended audience. “We understand that security matters for internal communications, so we ensure that our clients can fully control the content management and user experience without having to worry about security.” said David Rozencwajg, Business Development Director at Dailymotion.

Through Dailymotion’s Video Manager, Havas was also able to easily give different permissions to each user by assigning them roles such as Owner, Admin, and Editor based on the actions they need to perform. The Video Manager allows them to customize their experience and manage multiple channels under one main organization account, giving them the flexibility to adapt the video solution to their internal communication strategy.

The result: a seamless video delivery and easy management

“Security was the major concern for us, but Dailymotion went beyond our expectations,” said Dana Blanco, Senior Manager Product & Digital Learning for Havas Group. “The video management has become so simple with the Video Manager and their support. Now we can spend more time on developing our content, rather than spending time struggling with technology.” 

Havas needed a comprehensive video solution to not only fully control their internal communication strategy but also to simplify the management of their video communications. Through the Dailymotion Video Manager, they were able to successfully upload and manage 4773 videos and to stream 216K minutes of video content without any security issues. 

With Dailymotion for Enterprise Havas was able to connect with their employees in a more engaging way, bringing them a smooth user experience, while easily and securely managing their video strategy. 

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