Resources for Developers

Discover how to seamlessly integrate Dailymotion’s video solutions into your properties with our APIs and SDKs. Head over to for comprehensive technical documentation that will guide you through implementing our video solutions tailored to your unique technical environment — be it a mobile app, website, connected TV, or video streaming platform.

Our APIs

Leverage Dailymotion’s APIs to simplify and enhance your professional video strategy:

Data API
Effortlessly manage all aspects of your content, from uploads and video information to catalogs and user data.
Player API
Take full control of the Player integration, including embedding, appearance, and behavior customization.
Reporting API
Generate insightful performance reports and monitor your video strategy with ease.

Our SDKs

Make your life easier with Dailymotion SDKs by integrating our solutions in the language that suits you: JavaScript, PHP, Python, Android, or UWP. And if you program in another language, you can always integrate our APIs as long as you support HTTPS calls.

Technical Support

Our teams of professional developers are available 24/7 to answer all your technical questions and ensure a quick and effortless integration.